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The Dolphin Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all volunteer organization. The Dolphin Project, Inc does not advocate, support or practice unlawful discrimination based on race, religion, age, national origin, language, gender, sexual preference or physical handicap. ©2010 The Dolphin Project Inc. All rights reserved.This includes but is not limited to artwork, photographs and data. Material cannot be reproduced, published or used in any manner without the expressed written consent of The Dolphin Project, Inc.
THE DOLPHIN PROJECT was organized in 1989 after a mass die-off of dolphins on the Eastern seaboard of the United States. To learn more details of our history, please go to our HISTORY page under the HOME tab. Scientists and volunteers came together to count the dolphins and photograph their dorsal fins (comparable to a human fingerprint for identification). These actions help monitor the health of the dolphins which are the sentinel species of their estuarine environment. Since we share this environment, the well-being of these dolphins impacts our well-being too. For over 25 years, THE DOLPHIN PROJECT ('TDP') has added to the knowledge base of Bottlenose dolphins through the sharing of collected field data. Regular collaboration takes place both formally and informally with many research scientists, universities, other interested organizations and government agencies. (go to our DATA page for details) THE DOLPHIN PROJECT is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all volunteer organization.

TDP members seek to contribute to the understanding of marine mammals by expanding the public's knowledge and concern for our marine environment through its Education Outreach Program that brings interesting and fun facts about dolphins into classrooms and to various organizations. Click on the EDUCATION tab above for more information. Our volunteers are eager to teach all ages about these amazing dolphins and their environemtn we share with them.

TDP members have opportunities to participate in research and education projects. It's all fun and fascinating and a great way to make new friends. Click on the tabs above to learn more about us.
Many thanks to all those who came out against the     Palmetto Pipeline.

But the PALMETTO PIPELINE isn't dead.
The courts may slow Kinder Morgan down a bit but no doubt KM has more greedy evil up in store for us. We need to be prepared for an environmental fight. Putting a pipeline through our sand and mud, under our rivers, through our marshes and wetlands is a disaster in the making.

KM is STILL trying to cleanup a 'spill' of over 300,000 gallons in Belton SC that started in December 2014!!!!!! Land there has been permanently destroyed.

FYI: KM is connected to the Plains All American Pipeline Company that just had a rupture on the California coast.

Destroying the Georgia coast so a company can make a profit selling fuel overseas must NOT happen.

Please write your legislators and tell them to oppose the Palmetto Pipeline.

You can help support The Dolphin Project and protect wild Bottlenose dolphins

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