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A    #WAS-615
This Georgia dolphin has a big gash and a cut on the right side of her dordal fin and a deep scrape on the left side. She was seen with her new calf, only a few weeks old, near Wassaw Island. The little one stays very close to its mama for protection and to feed every few minutes. Calves stay with their mothers for around 2 years if they are male and up to 6 years if they are female.
B    #WIL-207
This little two-year old female had a rubber loop stuck around her neck. She probably swam through it for fun, thinking it was a bubble ring, but it didn't pop like a bubble. The loop was on her neck for over a year before she could be rescued. The loop was cut off. The rescuers put an ID tag on her dorsal fin but it eventually came off, which left a unique curved notch. She lives in the Savannah area and is doing well.
C    #SCA-414
The dorsal fin us used to regulate body temperature and for stabilization. Part of the dorsal fin is missing rom this South Carolina dolphin because it was probably chopped off by a boat propeller. Someties the entire fin get chopped off. People don't look where they are going in boats and hit dolphins. Bottlenose dolphins live in our estuaries year-round. They can usually adapt without their fins.
D    #CAT-516
This dolphin lives off Bryan Neck near St. Catherine's Sound. It loves to tease people by coming up one side of the boat and popping up on the other side. It also like to leap in the air. Dolphins leap and jump for fun and sometimes to communicate to other dolphins. This dolphins joins other dolphins to catch fish. Dolphins have many cooperative feeding strategies to catch fish.
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