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THE DOLPHIN PROJECT has developed a power point program featuring photography, graphics, sounds and videos to educate the public about the wild estuarine Bottlenose dolphins. The program focuses on dolphin anatomy, habits, behaviors, threats and research. The production also includes information about the environment which humans and dolphins share and how we can help protect it. TDP volunteers facilitate this program to schools, clubs and organizations across Georgia and lower South Carolina. A small stipend is appreciated which helps cover travel and miscellaneous expenses. We have several age-apropriate versions of the power point program suitable for any grade level. References materials are distributed at the end of the program. If you know of an organization that needs a speaker, contact thedolphinproject@gmail.com


TDP has produced an educational activity book for elementary children. Coastal artist contributed the graphics to the book. These coloring books have word games, puzzles, mazes and dolphin information based on the Education Outreach power point. A limited supply of these books are available for sale. They are used as prizes for TDP's coloring contests. A South Carolina version is currently under production and in need of a sponsor
The Dolphin Project is most appreciative of REPUBLIC SERVICES for sponsoring our Education Outreach programs with equipment and materials
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