What is the age minimum for research surveys?

16 with guardian approval. The guardian must attend training with teens 16-17 years of age and sign a waiver for the teen.

Where are surveys conducted?    Photo-ID surveys ae conducted on estuarine waters on the coasts of Georgia and lower South Carolina.

What do I do if I've registered for a survey but have an emergency and can't go?    Contact your Team Leader IMMEDIATELY. Your may  need to be reconfigured or cancelled. Your survey fees will be credited toward your next survey. You MUST register for your next survey and make a notation on that form that you have a survey fee credit. Contact thedolphinproject@gmail.com if you would rather have a refund.

I haven't been on a survey in a while. Are there any changes for surveys?   
You are encouraged to attend a Training Workshop. The survey protocol has significantly changed since 2009. TDP is constantly updating the research format within the training to stay in compliance with current marine science.

My organization would like TDP to speak at our meeting.   We have programs suitable for all ages.
Contact thedolphinproject@gmail.com

If you have questions or require additional information, contact thedolphinproject@gmail.com
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